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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lazy Sunday, lazy blog post.

I was woken up a little too early by my dog, & then kept awake by a snoring, beg-hogging boyfriend.

I had the largest pile of laundry I've seen in a long time taking up space in my bedroom.

I desperately needed to mop my kitchen & bathroom floors.

So, I devoted the day to getting this house in shape.  Here's what I did today.

  • Started the laundry at 10:00 AM.  Still going strong at 6:30 PM. FML.
  • Mopped those nasty floors.
  • Cleaned some stuff, & then cleaned some more stuff.
  • Took my entire vacuum apart because it wasn't working.  Found so much fur in the hose that I should have named it & put in in a designer bag like Paris Hilton.
  • Organized both my living room closets
  • Argued with my dog everytime she needed to go outside.  She doesn't do rain so well.
  • Febreezed the shit out of some stuff so it doesn't smell like cigarettes.  Even though I have a strict "No Smoking" policy in this house, it still stinks.  I'd really like the boyfriend to drop that nasty habit sooner, rather than later.
I also listened to my Jon Secada Pandora station for hours, & when that got old started on a marathon of Chopped. 

Who else loves that show?  Cheese curls & elk - c'mon now!


  1. My dog hates to go out to pee in the rain too...but if she's in her pen and it starts raining, she isn't bothered enough to get in her doghouse to stay dry! What's up with that??

    Also, I love me some Chopped...except for that one really bitchy judge with the dark hair (what's her name...Alexis? Something like that)

  2. Sigh. I'm avoiding mopping. I hate it. About as much as I hate laundry.

    I'm actually jealous that you had time to organize your closets. I tried to organize my desk and about five minutes into it, I was all "eff this."

    John there's someone I haven't heard in a few years!

  3. Yuck! I hate cleaning! I do that to my vacuum too! The BF thinks I am crazy BUT it works lol!