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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I feel like a loser

I have done nothing for at least the last week.

When I say nothing, I of course mean working out.

I'm not going to make excuses for myself because the whole point of buying a treadmill was so that I could work out without going anywhere, which was my biggest hurdle.

However, I haven't been sleeping properly, which I think has added to my generally bad mental mood.

There's nothing wrong with my life.  Sure, DJ & I hit little bumps in the rode like everyone else does.  But we've got a great relationship, a beautiful home & a horde of naughty furballs who we love.  I have no reason to feel so down in the dumps - but I do.

I'm working on trying to pinpoint what it is, which has been difficult since none of the usual suspects are the cause this time.

But today was better.  For the first time in a while I slept properly, & I feel better already.  I've decided to give myself a few more days to try to figure out what's causing my funk & (hopefully) keep on sleeping.  Then, it's back on the bandwagon...or back on the treadmill, I suppose.

I'm not going to give up, I'm just going to accept that I'm starting over - & I'm determined to make it work.


  1. Sometimes funks happen just because. Don't focus on what you didn't accomplish yesterday, focus on what your goals are for today.

    People say exercise is a mood elevator. I think these people are crazy. And not fat. lol ;)

  2. The summer that I really rode my bike, like consistently 10+ miles every other day, with up to 20 miles in a day on the weekends, yes, I felt uplifted, and very accomplished. You'll get there, Renee! :)

  3. Your funk is just because of 3rd shift....your internal chemicals (like seratonin) get all screwy when you aren't on your body's natural schedule. Here's hoping you feel better soon, I don't want to do anything when I don't sleep right and am down either! ::hug::

  4. Sorry you've been in such a funk! Exercise may just pull you out of it - you can do it!! HUGS! :)

  5. I hate funks! Especially ones we can't explain! I hope you feel better! & get to blogging sister! Miss you! =D

  6. i hate when I know something isn't right but i cant quite figure out what it actually trying to motivate myself right now to go to the gym!

  7. Hopefully you are feeling much better Doll.

    The couch25k program is really awesome! I've been doing it forever, really - I am on week 6 and it's probably been 6 months! haha I always go back to it even though there was such a long time I wasn't able to do sessions when the treadmill was in pieces from the move. Do you love having yours?!?

  8. Where have you been?! Missing your updates on here. I come back, but you don't.