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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Ten

It's raining today.  It's been raining since Friday. It's supposed to rain until at least Friday.  It's left me with a total lack of inspiration.

Imagine that?

So today I'm phoning this one in.  I'm not being a Tuesday Ten hater, I'm just saying that I don't even have the energy it requires to make my Tuesday Ten creative & funny like my buddy G.

(Do you see what I did there, Gini????  I'm totally impressed with myself now.)

Anyway, enough of the inside joke.  Now to the Main Event:

1.  I took my mom shopping for a Mother's Day gift last night.  It was a week late, but that was her fault.  She wanted to get Ugg boots, but ended up with a ring instead.   That made me happy. 

2.  I came home from the grocery store to find a flock of geese milling around the field behind my house. Random.

3.  I'm still on vacation, & I don't go back until Sunday night.  The plan for the rest of the week?  Laziness.

4.  Maury reached an all time low today by having a stained blanket tested for an angry wife.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that Maury could have gone any lower than he already was.

5.  Is it wrong of me to want to delete some distant relatives from Facebook?  Is it wrong that I don't care if it's wrong?  Then, do those two wrongs make a right?

6. On my way to my next door neighbor's house this morning, I found 4 four leaf clovers.

7.  I don't care if chips & salsa aren't a suitable lunch.

8. According to some religious zealots in my area, the world is going to end on Saturday.  I'm glad I had vacation this week.

9.  I bought a new lunch box last night.  It has owls on it.  You know you're jealous.

10.  Given what the poor people in the south are currently bracing themselves for, I find it a little offensive to see a "flood watch" symbol in the corner of my TV screen.  The worst thing that's going to happen here is that we may not be able to use a low-lying road for a while.  Not really a flood, if you ask me.


  1. I totally saw what you did! Sah-weet!

    1. Thank you for not buying Uggs for your mom.

    2. Geese terrify me almost as much as ducks.

    3. Whoo-hoo!

    4. Is he still alive?!

    5.No. No. And, huh?

    6. Go buy a lottery ticket ASAP!

    7. Do people care about that?

    8. Good news! You'll never have to go back to work again! The hubs favorite bumper sticker: "Jesus is coming. Look busy."

    9. Totally.

    10. I'd take a Flood Watch symbol. It's lot less scary than the man on fire they insist on putting up.

  2. #5 - I un-friended my own mother on Facebook...but my husband didn't. LOL. He doesn't have the same history with her, though; she's pulled out Myspace posts and used them to try to guilt-trip me into things, so don't mind me if I'm not exactly buddybuddy.

  3. I like all ten of these!! They make me smile either for their silliness, humour, or truth. It's a great idea for a post on the run.

  4. Oh Maury, I cant say I am surprised! lol So jealous of your days off. Enjoy =D