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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2 - Oh, how I love thee! Let me count the ways...

I tend to not choose the subject matter of my blog.  It usually chooses me.  Something will happen that is either so funny, so sad or (most frequently) so annoying that I just have to get it out of my system.  And that is how the subject of today's post came about.

There I was at work last night trying to think of a list for today.  This challenge is all about promoting my blog, so I was trying to come up with an idea for listing the kinds of topics I usually write about.  But, I wanted to do something different.  Hmmm...

Then it hit me, or rather, it talked in my ear.  Let me be clear that I blog about work a lot.  If any of you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I work in health care & my posts are sometimes graphic.  I'd like to start by saying that this post is not about poop, although there's bound to be at least one as we work through this challenge. Today's post, is about a coworker - the worst co-worker ever.

This is a woman in her 50s who has been at this job for 10 years.  Understandably so, she is tired, & doesn't have the same level of energy that she did when she started working.  But, she's more than capabale of doing the job, even if at a slightly slower pace.

But her age & her energy is not what slows this woman down.  What slows her down is constantly watching what everyone else is doing so she can write things down in her notebook (she actually does that!!!) & use it as ammunition later on.

Are you serious?!?!?  Who has time for that??  Look, I know I'm blogging about this woman & it probably seems like the same thing, but I don't think it is.  I'm venting my frustrations.  And, I don't have a notebook dedicated to dirt on my co-workers.

Anyway, back to my story: there I am yesterday at the nurse's station waiting to get report from the charge nurse.  I work with elderly residents & a lot of them are confused.  Some wear alarms so they don't fall & hurt themselves.  One such alarm was going off, & a co-worker that I love went to answer it.

Mean, horrible lady then whispered to another co-worker, "Oh look, she went for an alarm! I can't believe it."  Then she went onto say, "Some people don't answer alarms, or take your residents to the bathroom while you're on break, & maybe that's something the supervisor needs to know that."

See, I know this is all very juvenile, but the thing about mean, horrible lady is that she's never going to say anything to any supervisor.  She just likes to stir the pot.  She likes to cause trouble & have an attitude.  She believes that she will always get her way because we're scared of her, but in reality people go along with what she says because no one wants to listen to her.

This drove me crazy last night, but I refuse to get involved in work drama.  I  go, do my job & come home.  It does not control my life or make me sad or angry after the fact, & I'd really like to keep it that way.

But today, I need to write a list, & I've been inspired by mean, horrible lady.  If she thinks she's keeping tabs on everyone else, I hope she realizes we're keeping one on her - but not actually in a notebook, because that's just sad.  Anyway, here goes...

All the things mean, horrible lady does wrong:

  • Accuses people of not helping other, even though she rarely helps anyone else.  She's actually never helped me...ever.
  • Changes peoples wet briefs or incontinent pads without acutally cleaning the person because "it's quicker & then they're dry."
  • Lies about walking residents who are still able to do so in an attempt to look good for the nurse. 
  • Sits & watches while other CNAs (& sometimes people visiting residents!!) put clothing protectors on the residents before dinner. I FREAKING HATE THIS!!!!!!
  • Doesn't feel bad about sticking someone who is does not regularly work on our floor with the most difficult group of residents, extra assignment or shower to give.
So you see, instead of being a leader with all that experience, she's just a pain in the ass.  She is the number one reason that I go to work & suddenly feel like I'm transported back to middle school.  And honestly, she is the reason I hate myself for even letting it ruffle my feathers in the first place.

I just need to rise above it - but sometimes I just want to call her a stupid-face.


  1. Wow. I can't believe she actually has a notebook, it's very Mean Girls of her! I loved this post, it's hilarious, even though it's probably really annoying for you. It's good to get this stuff off your chest. Maybe you should get your own notebook, sounds like her shenanigans are great post material!

  2. Why do people have to be so horrible and work in a profession where they MUST have compassion but don't??

    She makes me sick just reading about her. I can't imagine working with her. I'm sorry.

  3. Oh good gravy. Who is she? Harriet the Spy?

    I have no doubt everyone knows what's really going on. They're on to her. And I hope she's out of your hair really soon. Jeez.

  4. ok, who is this chick? she seriously needs to get fired! not only is she upsetting you and making you feel bad, the poor patients, and being a special needs mom, i am always sensative to the patients perspective through a mom's eyes but holy cow, i wouldn't want her 10 feet near my daughter... i'm so sorry!

  5. I love the Harriet the Spy connection, Gini!

  6. I take your notebook and raise you a hidden voice recorder in a pocket...yes, that's right. That was my hubs old boss. Spying on everybody constantly and making people miserable.

    This women sounds just awful. How does she keep her job?

  7. What a mean lady! Smile knowing you are on a totally different level than her ;)

  8. That woman is a jerk. And I know someone just like that. I totally feel your pain!

  9. I'm with you. I don't play "drama" at work. I simply exclude myself from unpleasant conversations and ucky people like this. I do feel sorry for the residents though. They may not be aware of everything about their surroundings, but they know when someone cares about them and when they don't. Hopefully some of the family members will complain enough about her and she will be shown the door. My Mom was in a nursing home during her last year and her CNA's were wonderful. They would come and give her hugs and worry over her when she'd had a rough night. That meant the world to her and to our family.