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Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's 11:30 on Saturday night: do you know what your vet is doing?

Mine sounded as if he had been sleeping when he returned my call.

Why was I calling my sexy, silky voiced vet on Saturday night????

Because my stupid effing cat has a hole in her belly.

The thing is, she got spayed on Monday.  The vet says things like, "Keep her separated from the other animals," &, "Try to limit her activity." 

Hahaha!  Isn't he precious?

He's a lovely man, but he doesn't live with these cats.  They are the Satan's spawn, of that I am sure.

And so, since Monday I've been giving Kiki her pain meds every morning & periodically looking at her inscision, which has looked good all week - despite the fact that she runs & jumps around the house like a ninja on a mission.

Then, at 11:30, things in our house were winding down.  DJ & I were on our respective computers, when Kiki took her customary spot on my keyboard.  When she rolled on her back I noticed that I could see inside her inscision, which was not cute at all.

So me, being the level headed girl that I am, started having what I can only assume to a panic attack.  And DJ, my rock, offered these words of encouragement:  We need to call the vet now because that's going to get infected.

Imagine how much worse that made the panic attack.

So my poor vet got the call.  He called back right away & was very gracious about the whole thing. He assured me that she's not going to get gangrene & die tonight like I was convinced she would.  He did suggest that I put, & a quote, "a little kitty t-shirt" on her to prevent her from licking it (ewww!) even more.   That made me laugh, & snapped me out of panic attack mode.

Unfortunately, I don't have a little kitty t-shirt, or I would so make her wear it.  Instead, I think I've got to buy her one of those cone collars tomorrow.  I'm ok with any form of cat humiliation at this point, so the cone works for me.

Most unfortunately, however, is the fact that more of you don't live around me so I could refer you & your fur babies to the most patient, kind & wonderful vet there is.  He's the best!


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  2. I had to delete my comment because make-shift became make shit. And that's just awkward.

    So to sum my previous comment up, I hope kiki is okay!

  3. Oh my pets are as big as a responsibility as kids!!!

  4. I hope Kiki is healing well.

    At least she got fixed... We took Squishy and Smoochie (orange sisters) to get fixed. Smoochie escaped from the cage they put her in and ran up into the ceiling before she was even attended to. She was up there for 3 days, with a boy cat! lol It's funny now - but I was devastated. She didn't end up getting fixed for a couple years after ;)

  5. I once had to make my cat a shirt. It was hilarious. I took the arm of a sweatshirt and cut two holes in it for her front paws. the end of the sleeve was stretched out already, so it was perfect for around her collar and then I just cut it to be the right length. It was awesome... mostly because she looked ridiculous!! (Imagine beige Himalayan puffy fur face followed by long skinny tight navy blue sweatshirt sleeve, ending in giant wagging puffy tail. I was not loved that night!)