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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 4 - What am I not doing?

Today's task is to take a good look as a successful blog on my niche.

Hmm...someone who successfully talks about other people's bodily fuctions & how annoying DJ is sometimes?  That might be a little difficult...

Haha! Can you imagine if there were two of us out there??

Anyway, I do have a blog in mind:  Casa de Nicole.  She is the California version of me.  We're the same age, she's settling into life with her fiance & she deals directly with patients in a health care setting.

The difference between us? She's got a ton of followers & readers.  And I - well, I don't.

BTW, she deserves all those followers because she is lovely & amazing!

So what gives?  That's the big question of the day.

One of the things I've tried to do to meet new bloggers is participate in blog hops.  I've found a few good ones that I do on a semi-regular basis.  And while I have gained some followers that way, very few are people who actually read.

Miss Nicole doesn't do blog hops that I've noticed.  She does participate in giveaways, both hosting & winning.

I've got a confession to make.  Giveaways are my Achilles heal.

I read very few blogs that are primarily reviews & giveaways because they don't keep my attention.  Please don't send me hate mail, as I am not knocking those who host & sign up for giveaways.  People love giveaways! 

I'm not anti giveaway myself - I'm just seldom willing to jump through the hoops it takes to sign up for them.

Most require that you follow the blog to win.  That's fine, except I'm stingy about blogs that I follow.  I don't click that little button unless I actually have intentions to read it.

Ok, so, I'm done with my diatribe about giveaways because I don't honestly believe they are the true difference between us.  The difference is the exposure those giveaways provide.

Moral of the story?  I need to put myself out there more - which I'm trying to do, one challenge day at a time.


  1. Hey Renee,
    I am sure your readership will increase at the end of this project, that for sure! If you follow Nicole's blog, and she is on your wavelength, then just keep up communications with her via comments and such. Also, start checking out the blogs of her readers (if they leave info). You would be surprised how these little actions bring readers back to you!
    I love the title of your blog and I think you have a great sense of humor - the readership will come. :)

  2. I think that a lot of newer bloggers rely solely on blog hops, because they're too worried about the number of followers they have. You've got the right attitude about it, sis. It's slower, sure, but ultimately better to create readership and friendships based on content . . . not numbers.

    I am so behind on this one today. lol

  3. I agree with Jenn - I don't think followers are all THAT important (even though I am one of THOSE giveaway and review bloggers - ha ha). I don't know that I think blog hops are a great idea - I did those for awhile and mostly the comments I received were-

    "Hi. Stopping by from XXXBlog Hop. Follow me back!"

    That makes me SO MAD.

    I like your writing style. Followers and Readers will come!!!

    The Mom and Dad Reviews

  4. I think you're going about it the right way. You have to be yourself, it's your blog after all.

    Have you read Gary Vaynerchuck's book Crush It? He talks about following your passion with your blog (which it looks like you're doing) but also goes into details on how to promote yourself and get readers. It's my favourite marketing book and was a huge inspiration to me.

  5. Agreed. I won't follow a blog if it's primarily giveaways because that's not the content I am interested in. I want to be entertained and educated.

  6. Stopping by from 31 DBB. Like you I tend to stay away from the blogs that are just giveaways. I also stay away from product review only sites as well. I read blogs to get inspired and learn about people, so the above kinds of blogs don't really meat that need.