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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Purple room: 1. Renee: 0.

DJ & I moved into our house a year ago.

For the most part, I keep the place tidy as much as I can.  But, I do work full time, & it's not always as tidy as I'd like it to be.

But, one thing I can't blame a full time job for is the state of my spare bedroom.

We don't have children, therefore no need for the spare bedroom.  So, it's been our storage space -  & there are boxes in there that have never been unpacked from when we moved a year ago.

It's sad, I know.

Today I was sure was the day.  I had no other plans.  I was going to clean that purple room.

And I started...but I didn't  finish.  Sigh.

I did make a good dent in it, & I'm going to do a little more each day until it's completed - but I'm feeling defeated for not getting it done today.

But, Big Bang Theory on the DVR was calling, & I couldn't help myself.  I mean c'mon - Leornard & Penny are going to get back together one of these days!  None of you care about that, but you should.  That show is so funny!

Wow.  It just became abundantly clear to me why I haven't unpacked my spare room after a year...


  1. We've been in our house since December 20th-ish, 2009, and our "spare room" is still full of random boxes and stuff, so don't feel too bad! ;)

  2. Lol you are too cute! We have a closet like that! I can't imagine a full room! Baby steps =D

  3. Too funny!
    I claim my unpacked boxes are because I don't know where to put that stuff. But really it's the same reason as yours. Anything more fun to do than unpack.

  4. I am determined to reorganize my kitchen and dining room today But here it is, 5 pm and I'm playing in blog land. It was the washing to the new dishes that through me off! ha ha.