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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Ten

Lately I don't have the energy to string together enough cohesive thoughts to make an actual blog post, so I'm stealing an idea from one of my favs, Ms. BFG herself.  Stop over & take a look...after you read mine, please.

Here's my Tuesday Ten

1.  Yesterday morning when I was driving home from work I saw a turkey politely waiting to cross the road.  Only after I passed did he look both ways & start to cross.  Total genteman.

2.  Dear Mother Nature, Please decide to just be warm.  I can't handle one nice day followed by many not so nice days anymore.  It's cramping my style.  Thanks!

3.  I have been saying I'm going to decorate for easter for a while now.  Still not decorated.

4.  I don't now why everyone always makes fun of Rachael Ray (& by everyone, I mean my grumpy boyfriend & his friend) but I love her.  In protest, I think I'll cook only Rachael Ray meals for a while.  Sucks to be him.

5.  Speaking of the Food Network, did anyone else watched the Chopped All Stars Tournament??  I am so not a fan of the guy who won.  I didn't appreciate his comments about the other (better, more well established, etc) chefs.  In poor taste, random guy.

6.  I requested to extend my upcoming vacation (before it even started) & I'm crossing all my fingers & toes that it gets approved.  Eleven days off.  Oh. My. God.  My head might explode from joy.  I hate that place.

7.  Does anyone else love making up your own situation approtiate hash tags on Twitter? #ido

8.  I woke up this morning afternoon & when I opened my living room curtains the first thing I saw was some dude driving a riding mower up the road past my house.  Weird.

9. I'm addicted to crappy horror movies on the Sci-Fi channel - especially when they involve crazy, unrealistic sea monsters.  Dinoshark, I'm looking at you...with love.

10.  I've got 3 terrible, horrible, no good, very bad cats.  Anyone want them?


  1. Yay! You can steal my "ideas" any time, friend!

    Sadly, I am a Rachel Ray hater. Everything of her's that I've made sucks. It's always awful. And she annoys me. I used to like her, but there's only so much EVOO a girl can handle.

    And, on the mower guy front...happens all the time in the south, girl!

  2. Glad your turkey was a gentleman-one flew across the road in front of me and nearly wrecked my (parents') car before school one day while I was driving. I'm still a little scared of them...

    I'm with Gini-can't stand Rachel Ray. I can't point to any one exact reason, but there's something about listening to her talk that makes me want to punch puppies.

    I laughed out loud at the riding lawnmower thing. Did he have a cold beer in hand? If so, I'd ask if you were sure you didn't live down here near me! :)

  3. Number 1 makes me feel bad about Thanksgiving!! And I've got three terrible horrible no good very bad cats I'd like to give away too :)

  4. Everything is better with a hash tag! #4dayslateonthispost

    11 days off?! Heavenly! I cannpt wait for my 2 week vacation in December!