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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I think I'll open a perfume shop.

Last night DJ & I watched Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell & cleaned out some boxes that have been sitting in our spare bedroom since we moved in - in January.

(As a side note, that movie was hilarious!  I was  very pleasantly surprised.  You should check it out when you have some time to waste.)

One of the boxes I emptied was full of every kind of perfume/body spray/body wash/lotion/smelly substance known to man.  There was a bunch of stuff  I received as gifts, most that were never opened, that I just threw away.  It's all been sitting (unopened!) in a box since at least January.  I think I can live without it.

Even after throwing half of it away, there's still a butt-load of it left.  I'm gonna smell really, really good for the nursing home!

Speaking of which, can anyone else believe I start tomorrow??  When I gave notice to my old job 5 weeks ago it felt like this day would never get here.  But here it is!  I'm nervous & excited, but mostly excited!  I've got high hopes for myself.  I think I'm going to be good at this.

Think of me tomorrow morning at 4:45 AM when I have to get up for work! 

On second thought, do me a solid & don't be up at 4:45 AM - unless you're still awake from the night before.

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  1. Oooh... 4:45 is early!! But I'm sure you'll be wide awake from all of the excitement :)