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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time to say goodbye

Yesterday I had to start saying goodbye to part time coworkers who don't work for the rest of the week. 

One was a girl that I've work very closely with over the years.  When I started learning to supervise people, she was the first agent who reported to me.

She's come a long way in the time we worked together.  I don't think that it's because of me.  She made the decision to do better, & she did.

What I do take credit for is standing by her when she struggled.  This person has had a difficult personal life, from health issues to an "unusual" mother.  As a result, she's a quirky girl.  And when  everyone else said, "She's crazy.  She's just not going to be able to do it,"  I refused to believe that.

Then she went & proved them all wrong, & I couldn't have been more proud.

I'm confident in the choice I've made to change careers, but hers is one of the stories that makes this job hard to leave.

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  1. That is really great how you got over the reporting incident and looked deeper into her issues. Most people wouldn't have taken the time to do that.