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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 1 - And we're off!

Day 1 of the 30 day MEme.  The first topic is a photo of me & description of my day - & there is a lot to say about today!  Here goes...

I'll be honest with you, since it's just us girls:  lately, I am in no state to be photographed.  I am lookin' all kinds of rough.  I have been dying my hair dark for a while, but I decided it was time for a change.  In the interest of preventing my hair from turning to complete straw, I decided to go back to my natural color.  That's all well & good, but my natural color is much lighter - and I'm too busy lazy to schedule regular haircuts.  So right now, I'm frizzy & two-tone & I wouldn't do that to you lovelies.

But, I'll play fair.  Here's a fun picture of (one of) my MEme buddy/cousin/partner in crime Jill from Hey Barbie & I from back when I wasn't can I put this?  Tore up from the floor up?

Which brings me to my day.  Jill, Jenn of South of Sheridan & I went out to do some errands  First was the dollar store for Halloween party supplies for my PopPop's birthday shindig being held at my house in a few weeks.  After that, Walmart for some miscellaneous things.  A new TV was at the top of the list, because ours is taking a shit.

Nothing major, right?  Except for the downpour that occurred when we were trying to unload the electric wheelchair & the ratchet straps that got tangled around themselves.  We were soaked when we finally got inside.  But it made for a great story!

Oh!  I did not accomplish the TV part.  I found one I like, but it wasn't in stock.  When I asked about ordering one, the friendly helpful loser salesperson said, "You can go online at home & do that."



  1. Jeff keeps hoping our TV will crap out so we can get a flat screen. He doesn't seem to realize that if we have to buy a new TV, it will likely be smaller than the one we currently have. Duh. Sorry your day didn't ban out quite right!

  2. Ewww what a whore employee! lol I am sure you do not look tore up from the floor up lady! So glad you are doing this MEME! Looking forward to 30 days of YOU =D

  3. If you can hold out, wait for the Black Friday sale to get your tv! Those deals are super awesome :) And I hope you aren't offended that I'm not playing along with this MEme, I'd totally love to but I just don't have the energy to pick up another right now!

  4. Yay! I LOVE the dollar store :). But I have never had a good experience with customer service at Walmart. They suck!

  5. ummmmm what an idiot! I'd want to punch that person in the face. lol OBVIOUSLY you could do that!

    I cant wait for halloween parties! eek!! so fun!

  6. Wow, I bet there's some unemployed people out there who'd love that dummies job!