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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day Four: Our Fancy Day!

Today's prompt is "Your favorite picture of your best friend."  

Here's a little background on us.  Ricky & I met in high school & have been "in love" ever since.  He has this picture on Facebook with a caption that reads:  The wife & I after seeing Chicago.  After high school Ricky went into the military, so we've spent more time apart than together, but we've always stayed in touch & when he came home it was like he never left..

Ricky did a tour of duty in Iraq.  When he came home we planned a "fancy day" to celebrate.  As you all know, I love trashy TV.  At the time the fancy day was being planned, Ricky found out that Jerry Springer was performing in the musical Chicago, & the show was coming Philly!

We got all dressed up & left in the late morning to head for the city.  On the way we had a sing along that included everything from Josh Groban to Korean pop hits (he spent most of his time in the service in Korea).  We got there early enough to grab cheese steaks from the Reading Terminal Market & have a park bench picnic.

We saw the matinee showing of Chicago, which was full of old ladies who loved the theater & frat guys who love Jerry Springer.  The show was fantastic!  Jerry Springer is not a good singer, but he's definitely a great performer.

After the show we walked around the city a little bit, & then had dinner & drinks at Hard Rock before heading home for the evening.

When we go out together, we sometimes wonder what impression others get when they see us.  Do they realize we're friends?  Do they think we're married?  Or do they just think we're crazy people calling each other "wifey" & "hubby?"

It's probably the latter, right?  Yeah, I thought so.  Oh well, at least we have a good time!


  1. Super cute picture! :) He sounds like a very nice guy!

  2. Awww, Ricky. I miss that bloke.

    Would it be cheating to say Jeff's my best friend?

  3. How great to have such a close friendship like that. Love the pic!