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Monday, September 13, 2010

Stick a fork in me, cause Im Sookie Stackhouse

What I mean is, I'm done.  Fed up.  Finished.  Just like Sookie Stackhouse, who I love & felt compelled to give a shout out to.  But enough of my true love of True Blood...

My oldest "friend" was supposed to come over today for dinner. 

You know, the friend who needed me to sit in the ER with her at midnight a few months about because she had an oozing, blistered thing (turned out to be poison) on her foot ?

You know, the friend who's a vegetarian - so special meal planning was required.

Yeah, that friend.  The one who rarely hangs out with me anymore because her new friends are way better.  The one who stopped talking to me regularly because she disapproves of my relationship.  And not for any particular reason, just because she thinks she's better than everyone else.

Sounds like some friend huh?  I know.  But, we've been friends since we were 12; the inseparable kind for the better part of the last 14 years.  So, I've tried to make it work - over & over & over - even though I should have thrown in the towel.

Well, that day has come.

She was supposed to come over for dinner tonight.  I planned & shopped for a totally vegetarian meal.  When I talked to her this morning, we were still on for tonight.  She expected to be here around 6.

Then, shortly after 5, she sent me a text to let me know she would "try" to make it, but was running "way behind" & thought it would be too late after she was finished getting her tattoo.

I am choosing to rise above & just move far as she's concerned.  But that's not going to stop me from venting in Bloggyland.  So here's kiss off to my shitty friend:

Dear M,

Really?  You make plans with me on a day your planning to get a tattoo?  Could you not have just told me that when I asked you to come over?   No.  You couldn't have.  You're incapable of it, because you can't handle confrontation

Why are you getting a tattoo anyway?  You can barely afford to pay your bills because you have a crappy job & you drink too much.  That's your life, & yet you have the audacity to look down your nose at mine? 

I fail to see what you makes you so great.  The fact is, when you get too old for binge drinking & dancing every single weekend to be cool anymore, you'll just be the sad, lonely girl sitting around judging everyone else for their happiness.

Next time you need something, don't count on me.



  1. WOW! I think this is one friend thats better off in the past!

    p.s I was just talking to JENN and we said we should all share a room next year in Boston! How fun would that be! SERIOUSLY?!

  2. Those friends suck, and it's a huge weight lifted when we just "dump" them. I'm sorry you have such a long history, because I know that's painful (I've had shorter friendships end like this, and I know how much that hurt so I can only imagine the longer ones hurt exponentially more). But, good for you for realizing that you're worth more than the crap she gives you!

    Also, True Blood is my *favorite*! Have you read the books? Awesome. Very unlike the show, but awesome :)

  3. when she gets old she can sit on her porch and drink 40's all day (or is she too classy for a 40 oz?)
    next u will be in the hospital with her bc she thinks she has hepatitis; now aint that a pisser

    aaaah you make me laugh cousin.

  4. I almost spit my drink out, reading Jill's comment. lol

    and yes, I think you, me, Brit ... and JILL too! Since she's blogging too! We need to meet up in Boston this May. ohpleaseohpleaseohplease :) lol

  5. Boooo! Its so hard to put a fork in old friendships! The good thing is there are other great friendships to be made! You r awesome =D

  6. Thank you Brittany & Lisa & Jill & Jenn & Nicole! Love you ladies! You're the best!