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Friday, September 10, 2010

Google game

My SIL Jenn played this Google game for PINT recently.  It was too cute, so I decided to give it a try.

If anyone else tries it, I'd love to see what you get!

Type the following in Google Search:
1.  "[name] needs"                            6.  "[ name] eats"                     11.  "[name] does" 
2.  "[name] looks like"                      7.  "[name] has"                       12.  "[name] will" 
3.  "[name] hates"                            8.  "[name] works"                    13.  "[name] is" 
4.  "[name] goes OR has gone"          9.  "[ name] lives"                     14.  "[name] wears"
5.  "[name] loves"                            10.  "[name] died"                     15.  "[name] hears"

1. Renee needs to gain weight. 

2. Renee looks like a crazy person. 

3.  Renee hates coke.

4.  Renee goes rogue.

5.  Renee loves Space Boy Billy Corgan.

6. Renee eats this soup everyday & when she gets hungry.

7.  Renee has inked Las Vegas shopping guides, artist profiles & feature stories for Las Vegas Life & Home Design.
8.  Renee works with the premise that as we ground and center ourselves, our perceptions shift and we see more clearly and sharply

9.  Renee lives with family in Charlotte, NC.
10.  Renee died days after the surgery.

11.  Renee does a better version of the Geico pothole commercial.

12.  Renee will be performing in LA & San Fransisco in early/mid July.

13.  Renee is in love with Go Go Diego Go.

14.  Renee wears the same workout cloths all the time.

15.  Renee hears both what you are saying & what you aren't saying.


  1. Thats too funny. Do you really like go diego go? Aidyn and you would get along!

  2. Well ... you really do hate coke (or at least can't drink it). lmao. I love these things.

  3. I especially enjoy the Space Boy Billy Corgan one. Lmao!

  4. Oh, I would have been all, "Oh Crap!" when I read the "died days after surgery" one, because, of course, I would think it was my karmic fate.

    And I definitely love the hears what you're saying and what you aren't saying one.

    I'm going to go try this myself now.