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Friday, December 10, 2010

Close the curtains & lock the doors.

I have been really looking forward to this weekend, because it's my first full weekend off in a while.  When you do the kind of work I do, two consecutive days off is the best thing ever!

So there I was on Wednesday, praying for the week to move quickly toward my weekend off & cookie baking with Jill - and then a coworker asked me to switch Saturdays.  Tomorrow is her son's 2nd birthday, & she would have had to leave his party early for work.


Now I'm working Saturday.  No weekend off.  No cookie baking.

All I've got is Sunday.  And as such, I've cancelled all my plans for that day.  That day is going to be for DJ & I.  Because when I do have days off, I'm always running around - but not on Sunday.  We're going to shut out the world & have a whole day together, which I'm really, really looking foward to.

And there's other good news on the horizon too!  Since I'm working this Saturday, I have off next Saturday - which means a 3 day weekend for this girl!  Woot!

The family Christmas festivities begin next weekend too, which is also something I'm looking forward to.

There's just a few more gifts to pick up, & then all the work that goes into this holiday is done & it's time to just sit back & enjoy it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. boo to plans being ruined but YAY YOU for a three day weekend coming up! it's time like these when i have to say to myself "just keep swimming just keep swimming" -- from finding nemo? if you haven't seen it you MUST!

  2. It was so sweet of you to help out your coworker like that! And a 3 day weekend? Inconceivable! :) I know exactly how much a weekend off means, and I will live vicariously thorough yours next weekend (since I worked last weekend, and have to work the next two as well...), so do something awesome ;)