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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I let him go because he didn't want to be my new best friend.

I came home from work Tuesday night to find my cat trying to dig through the sliding glass door to our deck.

This is not uncommon.  He does this if he sees the dogs lead laying out there, or if there's a leaf blowing around.  He'll just run back & forth chasing it around, & gets so disappointed if the leaf goes out of sight.

I assumed that was the case on Tuesday, but when I turned the porch light on to let the dog out I got a big surpprise.

This is what Scooter was so feverishly trying to get to:

Image from Google.

I've seen a lot of weird things since I've lived here, but that was my first toad.

He was headed toward the tall end of the deck, so I went outside to try to redirect him (& to decide if we wanted to keep him, because DJ & I were both thinkin about it).

The poor, little dude was definitely scared.  Everytime I tried to pick him up, he would dart in the other direction.  When  finally did pick him up his little legs were going like crazy to get away.  And the weird thing was, he was making a very unexpected noise.  No "ribbiting."  He was chirping like a little birdie.

In any event, he clearly wasn't interested in staying with us for a while, so I just took him back down into the grass safely & put him away from the dog's reach - just in case.


  1. you mean you didn't even kiss him?? what if he was a handsome prince, coming to steal you away??

  2. I love toads-those chirpy noises are the cutest! I'm surprised he didn't pee on your when you picked him up, they do that when they're scared.

  3. I had loads of these little chaps in my swimming pool in France.....I'd throw them out and they'd get right back in. I've just replied to your comment on my blog. I'm coming to your home for Christmas.....chicken parm and spaghetti......let me at it :)Excellent picture by the way.