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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gonna make a change for once in my life.

I've been working since I was 16, & I've only had two jobs.  The first was at a pet store, & I worked there for four years.  The second is my current job, a Call Center Supervisor.  I've been with the company for five years now.  I used to love it, but over the last year I've gotten sick of it.  I'm a salary employee who works 40+ hours a week & more than my fair share of weekends.  It's emotionally draining & the source of a lot of arguments between DJ & I.  I don't want to live like that.

But there's more to the story than just that.  I want my life to mean something.  I want to feel like a made a difference, even a small one.  I'm not interested in leaving one job for another.  I'm at the point where I need to change careers, & I've decided on nursing,

Given that there's so much going on with the new house, nursing school is on the back burner (for now...but not for long).  In the meantime, I'd like to try to get my foot in the door.  And wouldn't you know, the opportunity presented itself.  A nursing home is my area is offering training classes for CNA certification.  Once I'm certified, I'm guaranteed a job.  It's second shift, which might actually work out better for me.  I'd still be on a normal sleep schedule, & I'll be home for most of the day so I can get things done.

I applied last week, & I got a call to schedule an interview today!  I have a personal day scheduled for next Friday, so I'm hoping to schedule the interview then.  I'm nervous & excited to (hopefully) start a new chapter, but I'm also feeling a little guilty about ending the previous one.  Sigh. 

Wish me luck!

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