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Friday, April 23, 2010

It's more than just a quarter auction.

Tomorrow I'm going to a quarter auction with my mom, my sister & two of my best friends.  I'm sure it will be a lovely afternoon where we can all buy things we don't need & not feel bad about it because they're cheap!  Who doesn't love that?

The event is a fundraiser my mom's job is holding to benefit the American Cancer Society.  It's the newest addition to the laundry list of Cancer Society fundraisers I've participated in.  I've volunteered for Daffodil Days, bought plenty of those same daffodils, sold candy bars, bought plenty of those same candy bars, bought raffle tickets, sponsored relay teams, etc...

My very long car ride home gave me some time to think about why they've been so important to me.  And the reason is, I do it for my grandparents.  My Grandpa died just before I turned 10, & my Grandma died when I was 15.  Not a day goes by that I don't miss them & wish I had more time.

Even after all this time, I still have angry moments.  Sometimes I'm mad at God; sometimes I'm mad at cancer.  Being mad at God doesn't work, but I can do something about being mad at cancer - and the fundraisers are what I do.  I'm fighting back.  Maybe that seems trivial since my loved ones are gone, but I don't think so.  What I think about is all the people who were "fighting" while my grandparents were sick.  Even though we didn't win the fight in time, I know it wasn't for nothing & I'm going to keep on fighting for all those people who are going through it now.

Miss you lots Grandma & Grandpa!  Love you! xoxo


  1. Tomorrow is going to be so much fun, and there's no better cause.

    Well, minus the MDA. But we're kinda biased on that one ... lol

  2. Thank you for the work you are doing! My mom is a breast cancer survivor!