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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tell me how you really feel.

I can't very well mention Sunday in my blog title & then not post on Sunday - although at this point, I realize I'm talking to myself.  In any event, I figured I'll take this opportunity to explain where the blog title came from. 

There are two influences: 

The first is my shocking realization that everything in this area is closed on Sunday, & the even more shocking realization that things are closed because everyone in the county (aside from the people I'm related to) is at church.  I mean everyone.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that going to church is a bad thing.  But what about the rest of us?  What fun things are we supposed to do on our lazy Sundays if all the fun things are closed?

The second influence is just my overall opinion of Sunday.  As you might have already gathered, I'm not a "get up & go to church" kind of girl.  And even though I'm kind of annoyed about everything being closed, I generally refuse to do work of any kind on a Sunday.  I love nothing more than doing nothing on a Sunday, although I usually spend the day doing boring, grown-up chores.  Lame.

But, in honor of the new blog, I decided to take the day off.  Below is a list of things I should have done today, followed by a list of things I actually did today.

Should have done:
  •  Laundry
  • Cleaned the bathrooms
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Vacummed
  • Gone grocery shopping
  • Dyed my hair (which is long overdue, I might add)
  • Continued organizing our spare bedroom, which is where I piled all the junk from our recent January.  Tee hee!

What I actually did:
  • Laundry (Ok, I let that one slip.  But only because I need something to wear tomorrow.)
  • Baked chocolate chip muffins.  And by "baked" I mean filled a muffin pan with pre-made batter.
  • Wasted time on Facebook
  • Wasted time on Blogger
  • Took a half-assed shower (I rinsed my hair, but didn't wash it because I wanted to dye it & dye sticks better to dirty hair.  Gross...)
  • Watched Kull the Conqueror because my boyfriend is a loser
  • Watched a 2-year-old put a dirty cat toy in her mouth, then crawl around on the floor that I didn't vacuum
  • Cleaned up 3 piles of doggie diarrhea.  It was runny too.
  • Watched a neighborhood cat use my yard as a litter box
  • Watched The In Laws with Michael Douglas & Ryan Reynolds.  That was cute; much better than Kull the Conqueror
Maybe this can be my theme?  Sure it can!  In honor of lazy Sundays, I'll keep a similar list each week.  I'll be able to keep track of how unproductive I am (How depressing?), & hopefully give someone a good chuckle...if anyone ever actually reads this.


  1. oh god, it wasn't Isis, was it? Your yard is technically a big ol' litter box at the moment. lmao!

    And your house is always clean, so hush!

  2. Hi! Just stopping by to say thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. We live about 4 miles from a very small town. Small enough that everything but one convenience store closes at 8pm...EVERY DAY! I guess there is a bar, I have never been in there but I would hope they stay open past 8pm. ;-) Of course it would be closed on Sundays, we can't even buy alcohol on Sundays in KS. Must be tied to religion? Not sure why I care about that. Haven't drank anything since New Year's Eve..2008. Well, love your blog, you are off to a good start! The what I should have done vs what I did do lists are funny! Great idea!

  3. No, it wasn't Isis. It was one of the cats from down the street. Lol.