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Monday, April 26, 2010

I finally figured out what's wrong with me's my mother.

It was raining pretty steadily as I left work today.  Just after I had gotten onto the highway (at the busiest time of the day) I heard a thump &  suddenly my driver's side winsheild wiper wasn't working.  I was in the passing lane doing 65 mph & couldn't see a thing, which was freaking scary.  Luckily I  made it to the next exit & parked in an empty lot.

Being that DJ just can't get up & leave the house on his own, I called my mother for help.  After all, she was only 5 minutes away.  After finally convicing her that there was nothing I could to to fix the wiper myself here's what she said, "You'll have to wait until Bill (my stepdad) gets home.  My TV show is about to start & I'm not going to miss it."

Yep, you read that right.

So when Bill gets there he can't figure it out either.  I decide to leave my car where it is, because I can't drive it in the rain without working wipers.  When I get back to my mom's house (the other part of the story is that neither she nor Bill could be bothered to take me home because it's "too far") she's watching an episode of Tori Spelling's reality show.  This was so important because Tori's daughter was having a birthday, & her estranged mother was invited to the party.  My mother was more concerned with Tori Spelling's relationship with her mother than she was with her first born being stranded in an empty parking lot.

Yep, you read that right.

So if you continue to read this blog & wonder how I got so screwed up, refer back to this post for a quick & easy explanation.

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  1. You woulda thunk she would've taken that oppurtunity not to be like Tori's mum!! Well, glad you turned out well :)