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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Change is good. Don't be afraid.

Assuming I pass a drug test & physical, I was offered the job I applied for.  So,


I'll be working at a county nursing home.  They're providing paid training to be a CNA, so this will be the first step in my journey to nursing school.  The position is second shift, which is going to work better for what DJ needs, & it pays almost a dollar more an hour than what I'm making now.  Yay!!

All day I've been dreading telling my boss.  I know this is absolutely the right move for me, but I'm attached to my job & the people there, so it is hard to leave.  I texted him tonight to see if I could come in early & talk it over with him tomorrow.  I ended up spilling my guts about everything on the phone.  Much to my surprise (and releif), he was totally fine with it.  He was very supportive & understanding...which is the kind of boss he is anyway, so this shouldn't have been such a shock.

And the best part is, the new job is very flexible about me giving notice at the current this transition should be really, really smooth.

It hasn't totally sunk in yet.  I'm still a little bit dazed because things are happening very fast -  & things generally don't so so smooth for me. 

It's a bittersweet moment in my life, but this is one leap I know I need to take.

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