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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The World of Warcraft is in my house

If I want to go somewhere, I get up & go.  Be it the mall, to see a movie or to grab a drink with friends, I have the freedom to just do it.  And I absolutely take that for granted, as do most people.

I bring it up because lately there has been a lot of arguing in this house.  There has been one major cause:

WOW.  World of Warcraft...or Warcrack, depending on who you speak to.

DJ is an addict.  Tuesdays & Thursdays are raid nights, so I know not to make plans.  Now he's gotten into an arenas team (two teams kick the crap out of each other until one team is completely wiped out) with a few of his friends, & they spend countless hours doing it.

In addition to the WOW addiction, DJ is a vampire.  He stays up all night & sleeps all day.

Since we started dating, a lot of people have come down pretty hard on him for his lifestyle.  I'm not innocent either, but I've adjusted to it over time.  Relationships are about give & take.  I'm far from perfect myself.  He convinced me to start playing, & I learned a thing or two about why it's so important to him.

Aside from it actually being really fun, it allows him to keep in constant contact with his friends from Florida.  The friends he went to high school with don't really do the same things as he does, mostly because he's not capable of doing them.  Whether they do it intentionally or not, they don't make a lot of time for him.  The Florida friends share the same hobbies so they can spend lots of time together, even though they're a million miles away.

Then there are the other "friends" he plays with; people who have never met him & probably never will.  These people may or may not know about his physical limitations, but they don't care either way.  They don't see him as the guy in the wheelchair.  To them, he's just a fellow WOW junkie.  I can't begin to imagine what a relief that must be.

There's been a lot going on lately with me getting ready to switch jobs & us getting closer to getting a mortgage on the house.  When I stop & think about why he seems to be spending more time than normal in front of the computer, the reason is the people who share the hobby.  Those people are his sounding board when things get rough (just like blogging has become for me), & he doesn't deserve to be ridiculed for that.

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  1. I never played WOW but I was seriously addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook for almost a year. That is actually how I started my blog. I wanted to quit and use my online time in a positive way. I have been Mafia War free since Nov. 09! So I totally get the online gaming addiction!

    Thanks so much for participating in WW. You have been a very loyal linker!! Much props! Please stop by my page and grab the YOU ROCK Award. It's under my Awards Cloud. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

    (LOL I had to click edit because I had to tell ya my Captcha was Psycho....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)