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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sounds great. Now you plan it.

My day started with me recapping the awesome House episode for my boss, who skipped our weekly "text while watching" session to watch the Yankees last night.  After we got through the episode & cliffhanger ending he said, "This is going to sound strange, but I was laying in bed last ngiht & realized that you're not going to be here anymore."


The day ended with a discussion of a going away party, which means a drunken night out.  A coworker offered her son as a designated driver.  He's more than happy to safely ferry everyone around the town & home at the end of the night...but on one condition.

Whenever we make a pit-stop at a non bar location (gas station, diner, etc.)  we can only speak pirate.

How much fun would that be?!?!?!?  After much pondering, this little gem was born:

AARRGGHHHH, matey!  I'll be needin' some Mentos.  I've got scurvey on me breath.

I can't wait!


  1. That just sounds immensely fabulous. I might just have to incorporate that on one of our next jaunt outs.

    Thanks, as always, for your lovely comments on my blog.

    Have a great day.

  2. Oh my god. I will need to see proof of this ... while being close to the bathroom in case I laugh so hard I pee myself. :)

  3. HAHA! Hey tell him that if he's on Facebook... go under language settings (at bottom of page left corner where it says english) and you can actually choose English (Pirate) beta.. it's hysterical.. it turns your whole face book in to Pirate talk. For example on your homepage where it says You have 13 group invitations it will say 13 crews want ye onboard. It calls girls wenches too... I luv it!