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Monday, November 1, 2010

Busy bee!

Despite having to work yesterday, all in all I had a good birthday.  The only thing missing was ice cream cake...but I'm sure my big, fat ass is glad I didn't have any.

The week ahead is jam packed.  I'm working today & tomorrow, & then I FINALLY have off on Wednesday.  Although I would love to relax on Wednesday, instead I have to:

  • Go to the DMV & get a new picture for my license
  • Wash the largest mound of laundry I've ever seen
  • Take a trip to the laundromat to dry Mt. Dirty Clothes
  • Clean my friggin' house.  It's bad - very, very bad - right now
  • Start packing for this weekend!
Sometime today or tonight I need to try to find my voter registration card & my change of address card (because my license still has my old address) so I can be a responsible citizen & vote tomorrow morning.  I hope everyone else does the same!

Although, I can't make any promises about finding the things I need because I have to make 2 trays of taco dip when I'm done here.  Sigh.

Better get started.

1 comment:

  1. You definitely sound busy! Don't forget to squeeze in some "do nothing" time if at all possible! :)