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Sunday, November 14, 2010

They don't make them anymore because everyone who wanted one is dead now.

I went to an open house at the nursing school I'll be applying to.  I got some really good information to help  me along the application process. Then came the bad news.

The school accepts only 50 people into their part time program.  Fantastic! 

Not to mention, I'm not a math person.  I didn't do so well in math in high school.  I'm sure that I can do what I need to do to be a nurse.  But back then, that wasn't my life plan, & so I didn't care how I did.  I was too busy worrying about English & Art History & all the other stuff that was infinitely more fun.

Long story short:  I may not make the cut.  I may have to take a college Algebra course & defer my application until 2012. 

F. M. L.

After that, there was nothing to do but spend some money.  I went shopping with my cousin & aunt.  I got a super cute scarf, a puffy vest & a few Christmas presents.

We had yummy salads for lunch, met a fellow shopper who drinks shots of tequila & fish bowl size margaritas at noon, held lessons in using a debit card, searched high & low for a toaster cover & shared a million laughs.

It was just what I needed to decide that I can't give up.   I have to just try.


  1. okay, that really blows if you have to postpone it for one class. They won't let you take it simultaneously?

  2. You can make it into the program-have hope!

    Also, did you ever find your toaster cover? If not, check on because there is someone out there to make EVERYTHING!