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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas with the weatherman.

After my busy thrift store adventures yesterday I came home & had a sudden burst of energy around 7:30.

I went grocery shopping, cleaned my house & then...I broke out the Christmas decorations.

Of course, I've got a story about the decorations.  It all started with my mom, who just can't accept the truth about her beloved front porch Santa decoration.  See, my mom's Santa is special.  By day he's one thing, & by night he's something different.  Allow me to demonstrate.



Anyone else notice anything?

Look, I'm not saying it's wrong for her to display the Santa.  And I'm not saying it's Santa's fault.  It's probably just the crappy paint used to manufacture him.  But the fact remains - she's got an ethnic Santa.

To this day my mother vehemently denies that there is anything out of the ordinary with her Santa.  While I know my mother is not a racist, this is not some abstract comment on how "color blind" she is.  She simply chooses not to accept the truth.

And of course, I find this to be hilarious (As do my bi-racial friend of 15 years & my gay bestie.  Please don't send me any hate mail.  I'm not a biggot, I'm just easily amused).

Anyway, after many years of my relentless jokes at her Santa's expense, my mom made her comeback last Christmas.  On Christmas Day she, my sister & my stepdad came over to our house to open presents.  After everything was opened my mom gave me my "special" present.

And yes, he is displayed as part of my holiday decor this year.


  1. bahaha! Thats fabulous! Where did she find that? My nephew lives with me and he is bi-racial! I think that would make him feel special! :))

    I love your tree!

  2. Back when we lived in Mississippi (you know, that hotbed of tolerance), there was this house that did this giant Christmas display every year. I mean, the whole shebang. Santas, Jesus in the manger, a giant star, three wise men, was insane.

    Mr. BFG and I would take our son by (he was maybe 18 months) and let him look at the lights every evening. And then one night, we noticed the very same Santa. What we didn't realize is that by day he's very white. We just thought it was black Santa rollin' in the hood with his homeboy Jesus...

    Hysterical to see this years later!

  3. That is fantastic! Though I still maintain that decorations for Christmas shouldn't come out until after Thanksgiving :) We always try to put up our tree and other assorted decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving while we watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas"!

  4. Black Santa! I love it!
    BTW, getting your Christmas tree up already only serves to make us people who don't get to it until December 24th feel extremely inadequate...I'm just sayin'...