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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Put your big girl panties on & deal with it.

Last night my sister & I got our pictures taken for a Christmas present for our mother.  The photo place was not overly crowded, but it was filled with crazy people.

There were several families with young children.  And you know what?  All of them were really well behaved.
The kids couldn't have been better.

The parents - well now that's another story.

Let's start with the pregnant woman.  This woman was very, very pregnant.  And yet, there she was with her two little ones all dressed to the nines; hair done & everything.  They looked really nice.  By the time they got to selecting pictures, Mommy to Be was in tears.  One of her little ones didn't smile the way she wanted her to...but she was smiling, & the pictures were beautiful.  So suddenly, the not so crowded photo studio gets a half hour behind schedule because the walking hormone wants her children to perform on command.  You should have bought a dog.

Little sister & I had an appointment at 7.  We were there entirely too early, so we just waited.  At 7 on the dot the Khaki Family showed up.  Their appointment was also at 7 - & Mama Khaki expected to be taken back right away.  The poor woman working at the photo studio saw that they had a little one with them, & was up front about the 15-20 minute wait.  Maybe Baby Khaki would be happier walking around than she would sitting in the waiting room. 

Now, maybe it's just me, but I think when you have appointments like this there's a little bit of a wait to be expected.  No?  Wanna know what Mama Khaki said?  "Well it can't be too long because she gets tired at this time of night."

Why the fuck did you schedule your appointment for that time then?

While we were waiting to select our pictures, the Khaki Family came out of the photo room.  Rather than waiting 10 minutes, they rescheduled another appointment to come back & pick their pictures because they just couldn't wait anymore. It was too late, & the poor photo studio employee should have known that Mama Khaki was coming & scheduled more people to work that evening.

By the way, Baby Khaki (who was probably 2-years-old) couldn't have been more pleasant.  She & Daddy Khaki were amusing themselves while Mama Khaki was being a bitch rescheduling the appointment.

After all that, we finally picked our pictures out.  They looked great & were not nearly as expensive as I expected them to be.  Score!


  1. This is exactly why we hire a private photographer. I'm serious. She will go pretty much anywhere we ask and spend two hours chasing our kids around with a camera. It's a win-win situation because they can act like heathen demon children and we aren't bothering everyone around us.

    We don't expect everyone to work around our schedule. It's silly, especially with four children in various stages of tween and toddlerhood.

  2. That's funny. Mama Khaki hahahah. I would have died! Bet the pictures turned out great, your mom will love them.