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Friday, November 12, 2010

No time like the present

I'm getting up bright & early tomorrow to go to an open house at a nursing school in my area.  There's going to be presentations on admissions, financial aid & that sort of thing, followed by presentations in each of the areas of study offered at the school.

That'll be over at 1, & after that I plan on getting some serious shopping done this weekend.  I have exactly one Christmas present purchased.  One.  And I didn't even have to shop for that.  It's a present for my MIL, which I ordered out of a catalog.  She's gonna LOVE it though, so I'm really excited!!

However, that's one gift on a long list of people to buy for.  Ughh...

I do this every year, & yet I never seem to learn my lesson.  Why do I not just start Christmas shopping early?  Why must I wait until mid-November to start when I know I'm going to have to fight crowds to get anything done?

Although I will confess one thing I am pretty excited about:  Black Friday.  Never in my adult life have I been shopping on Black Friday.  I started working in a retail Call Center when I was 19, & so Black Friday was a mandatory 10 hour day every year.  When you work in retail, the holidays are nothing but a giant pain in the ass - & Black Friday was the worst day of the year.

But now things are different.  I have an opportunity to use Black Friday for it's intended purpose, & I'm finally going to.  Plus, my cousin will be home from college for Thanksgiving break & we're going to make a day of it.  We're rational people, so we're not going to line up at 3 AM to try to get the doorbuster deals.  We're going to start at lunchtime...with lunch.  Shopping is going to be secondary to our love of Mexican food.

Is anyone else a last minute shopper?


  1. Would you please please buy them for her. Pretty please with a cherry on top?!?!? That would be greaaaat!

  2. Every year I swear I'm goign to start early. I do a little better each year but still have not met my goal of being done by Black Friday. Good luck!

  3. Black Friday is so much fun! But good for you on aiming to actually make it enjoyable and start at lunchtime :). Enjoy all of the great deals! I know I will (I'm a last minute shopper, too!)