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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Haute chocolate anyone?

I am now officially a Black Friday shopper - but only a half-assed one.

My cousin & I met at our grandparents house around noon-ish for pizza, so we didn't leave there until shortly after 1:00 to get started.

Our aunt & two other cousins (little ones, 7 & 4) were meeting us.  She didn't want to go to the mall with the kids, so we went to an up & coming neighborhood with lots of really great, privately owned shops.

Our first stop was a little cafe that specializes in very decadent, very fancy chocolate treats.  The store is called Haute Chocolate.  How freaking cute is that?  Anyway, they were having fee cupcakes for Black Friday.  The kids had their cupcakes, & I had a hot chocolate milkshake.  It was hot chocolate flavored ice cream, tons of whipped cream on top & chocolate shavings too.  Yum-to-the-O.

It was at this point that my littlest cousin became possessed by some sort of demon spirit, & my aunt had to make her exit from this shopping day.  I don't think it was too much chocolate, he just does that sometimes.  Fun!

We hit up some really interesting little stores after that, where I proceeded to shop for me instead of people on my Christmas list. 

After that we put on our brave faces & ventured to the mall.  It wasn't that bad actually.  We found some really interesting gag gifts in Five Below, were slightly disturbed by the adult section in Spencer's & all the people standing there with their small children  & contemplating whether $5 was too much to spend on Zombie Blood at Hot Topic.

It was a long day, but it was so much fun!  I think I like the buzz about Black Friday.


  1. I missed the whole Black Friday experience. I didn't want to hack my way through zombie hordes to buy a fleece snuggle.

  2. Hot Chocolate MilkShake... OMG I am drooling!!

  3. That milkshake sounds to die for! I always end up shopping for myself on Black Friday, too :)

  4. Is this the Haute Chocolate on Penn Avenue??? love that place if it is! Penn Ave has really great supporting small businesses

    Also, if you are referencing the Berkshire Mall that place is always filled with the weirdest people!! I refer to it as the "worst mall ever" here

  5. so much fun!!! i'm so glad we did that. yay for philosophical car rides! we'll have to do it again when i'm home for winter break =]