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Sunday, January 9, 2011


The plan for yesterday was for DJ & I to spend the day together doing whatever to celebrate our anniversary.

We ended up spending a bug chunk of time watching the coverage of the Arizona shootings.

It's amazing just how quickly someone's whole life can change.

A public appearance by a congresswoman at a grocery store ended in the deaths of too many innocent people, including a child.

All those people woke up with a plan for the day, & now their lives will never be the same.

The effects of the shooting ripple far beyond those people involved too.  There a friends & family members all over who are either thankful their loved ones survived or are mourning the loss of someting irreplacable. 

And so, our lazy Saturday together was a bittersweet reminder of just how lucky we are & just how fleeting moments like these really are.


  1. I am so sad today. What a vile horrific act. I hate that this is being played up as a political issue. This is nothing but a humanity issue. We need to stop with the pointing of fingers and just pray for the innocent victims of this senseless crime. A deranged killer snuffed out the lives of everyday people. And for that, I grieve and hope for a better day and more peace in the world.

  2. I have yet to watch it. I am waiting until tomorrow. I know it sounds selfish but I just had such a lovely weekend and I am so sensitive it will damage my spirit. Those poor families that don't have that choice. :(

  3. So true - we all need that perspective! It's hard for me even to watch the coverage - just makes me want to cry!