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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cupcakes with my cousin

Brittany at Unexpected Surprises is hosting a photo montage giveaway.  I found a really cute cupcake recipe the other day & decided that would be my weekend project.  My cousin Jill came over to be my baking buddy, & so my photo montage theme was born!

We decided to substitute Splenda in our cupcakes because there are a lot of diabetics in the family.  Later on we found out the "no added sugar" plan bit us in the ass.

The cupcakes were supposed to have Zebra stripes, which were comprised of layers of banana & chocolate batter.  Ours looked more like cow patches, but we just went with it...who has time for stripes anyway?

 There was a recipe for peanut butter cream cheese icing to go on top, so that was our next step.



Since we got blobs instead of stripes, we added cow sprinkles.

Then it was time to taste - but that's where it all went to hell.

We were too busy gossiping while we were baking, & we found out the hard way that we forgot to add sugar to the icing.  Our lovely cow cupcakes tasted like nothing but salt.  It was freaking nasty.  So nasty in fact, that DJ didn't even like them - & he'll eat anything.

So our hard days work ended up in the trash can, but at least we have a good story to tell.





  1. Aw that's too bad. You'll have to try them again because they sure sound good!

  2. How sad that your cupcakes turned out bad! I honestly don't know how people live without real sugar...I'd make a terrible diabetic! My husband didn't believe me when I said I could tell when something had Splenda in it because of the "nasty taste", so he tried to trick me one time......he believes me now.

  3. Oh no!! What a disaster! I hope you at least had fun in the process, though :)

  4. oh my gawsh! You comments did not show up in my inbox (which is where I read all my comments)

    I am so sorry I didn't get over here to check it out, but I am so glad I did!

    Thanks for participating and for the sweet comments!

    Can't wait to get to know you through your blog. you are simply divine!:)))

  5. Looks so yummy! I followed you here from Brittany's blog. You're gorgeous!

  6. i love to look at this....its so funny but those cupcakes were so nasty even though i ate two of them; what was i thinking?

  7. You love dessert more than anyone else I've ever met, so I think you were trying to convice yourself that you liked them! Lol.

  8. My mother once made a cake but forgot to add the baking...soda? powder? I don't know. One of those. Anyway, her solution was to sprinkle the missing ingredient on top of the cake and make us eat it anyway.

    Do not try that, as it is NOT a valid solution.