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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I can't tell if I'm hot or cold or both.

Yesterday afternoon my throat started to get scratchy.  I drank some hot tea & had a few cough drops, but didn't pay much attention to it (or the slight cough I had developed along the way). With all the excitement over my cupcake disaster, it didn't dawn on me until about 8:00 that we hadn't eaten dinner yet...and I wasn't even hungry.

I tried to eat something small, even though I had no appetite, then spent the rest of the night working on the ass imprint I've started to make on my couch - & that is where I should have stayed.

However, at 11:00 my oldest "friend" called to ask if I would go to the ER with her.  She noticed a black mark on her foot two weeks ago that she never did anything about...& it slowly became a blistered, pussy open sore.  Even though I haven't seen my "friend" in 6 months (because her new friends are all way cooler than me with their drinking & frivilous money spending), I've know her for for almost 15 years, so if she wanted an ER buddy in the middle of the night I was more than happy to oblige.


On the drive home at 1:30 I started to ache all over & the coughing had gotten worse. 

I've slept most of the day away between episodes of sweat & chills.  Despite all my sleep, I have no energy & coughing has become a huge undertaking.  My chest feels foggy & I'm so achey that even my skin hurts..  I just took my temperature, & it's 100.4. 

Wanna hear the best part?  I know you do, so here health insurance from my old job was cancelled as of July 31st.  That's right - yesterday.  FML...really, really hard.

I absolutely have to be at work tomorrow.  I'm still within my 90-day probation period, so any missed time is a big deal.  So please, put all your good energy into the universe for me in hopes that this is a 24-hour thing. 

I cannot be responsible for infected a bunch of elderly people with already comprimised immune systems, 'cuz that just ain't right.


  1. I told you that your forehead felt hot! boo to being sick :(

    It's possible your immune system is still getting used to being around all of the residents and you picked something up from them. Either way, I'm hoping you get well soon!

  2. Oh no! Doing an energy, sickness go away dance for you! I hate how insurance plays a part in going to the dr! I have 3 visits where I just have to pay a copay and then my 2000 deductible kicks in! SOO needless to say I have to make sure I am on my death bed to use one up! Feel better!

  3. Thanks ladies! I just took my temperature again because I started sweating like crazy. It's 99.6 - so definitely moving in the right direction. I'm going to keep taking meds for the cough & Alieve for the fever, so I'm hoping all will be well tomorrow.

  4. Sounds like you're on the road to recovery!

    Thanks for stopping by Popcorn and sharing your ideas about my new piece of furniture. With a little help from the blogging world, I've decided to ditch the shelves, stain the top of the buffet and paint the bottem. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again.

    Take care,


  5. What did you have? I was looking up on the internet to see what it was and I couldn't find anything but your post and you have exactly what I have. I know you don't know me, but it'd be a lot of help you can let me know.