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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Suggestions anyone?

One of the nice things about my unit at work is that the co-workers celebrate each others birthdays.

The first one I'll be participating in is Wednesday, & I offered to bake the cake.

None of my co-workers have any ideas, so I need your help.

What kind of cake should I bake?

What flavor?  What kind of icing?  To sprinkle or not to sprinkle?

If anyone has any interesting ideas, let me know!


  1. It should be strawberry! With a layer of strawberry icing and sliced strawberries in the middle of the cake, and strawberry icing on the outside. No sprinkles though. Chocolate dipped strawberries? I think I'm on a berry kick...

  2. Well, someone is really in a strawberry mood! Haha. That sounds really good actually, but a little complicated to bake in the morning before work.

  3. I like cheese cake..

    or we made smores cupcakes recently! You could make that into a smores cake! It was chocolate cake with a marshmellow type frosting topped with graham crackers!

    It was a hit at the shower!

  4. Maybe it's because I'm sick of this heat and looking forward to Fall in THE WORST WAY, but I'm thinking apple cake w/ cream cheese frosting. Yum. :)

  5. Try a Better Than Sex cake! It's amazing! It's a huge cake, but doesn't take much work and if you like pineapples, coconuts and'll love this cake! If you'd like the recipe let me know!! BTW...I gave you an award in my blog!

  6. I took the easy way out. I baked a chocolate cake (from a box, because it was midnight!) with cream cheese icing. Mmm...

  7. Yumm..Cream Cheese frosting is my fav!! I also love fun fetti :)

    How sweet of you to bake the cake!!