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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just be glad you don't have balls, honey.

Said the resident when I changed him last night.

He had left me a "present" in his brief on last rounds, & it was a doozy to clean up.

I try to be as gentle as I can, but sometimes you just gotta scrub!  Know what I mean?

(Disclaimer:  This post continues to be about "number 2," so if you're squeamish you may want to abandon ship now.)

That was the icing on the cake really...the cake came earlier in the evening.

Normally, when a resident is on the potty doing their business, there's some indication of it so I can prepare myself.

Last night, I did not have that luxury - but my resident had a laxative!

I don't know how something so big came out of this poor woman!  It seriously looked like she put out a pound roll of ground beef!

(Disclaimer:  Just in case you didn't trust me the first time, the really icky part is coming up next.)

Since I was not exaggerating about the size - it got stuck.  Try & try as I might, it just wouldn't flush.  It was too solid.

And so, I had to do what I had to do.  I gloved up, reached in & broke it in half so it would flush.

So, how was everyone else's first day of the work week??


  1. I have worked as a CNA and home health aid. It can sure be a dirty job that requires a strong back and also a strong stomach at times. CNA's definitely don't get the respect (or pay) they deserve and that is too bad because it is such an important job. So here is a big thank you for the care you give to people that need it and for doing the job that you do!

  2. LMAO! I totally have had to do something similar at my old job and you just do what you have to do!!

  3. OMG you are hilarious!!!

    I am your newest follower!!