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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The new addition.

The kitten is here.  When I brought her home yesterday, I took her into the bedroom & opened the carrier door.  She came right out & ran right to DJ.  She hopped around the bed a little & did some sniffing, but then she was totally comfortable with us.

After a little while, we brought "the others" in one at a time.

First was the dog, who wants to be kitty's best friend.  Well, she had never seen a dog before yesterday, so she growled & hissed & swatted...& then my pittbull ran away crying.

The boy was very cautious.  He sat back & watched.  When the baby wasn't looking, he tried to sneak in for a sniff.  He got the growling/hissing treatment too, & he too turned & walked away.

Then we brought the girl in.  They seemed ok.  They were giving each other the stink-eye, but they were keeping their distance.  But then, that all went to hell.  Suddenly the girl started to hiss & growl & back out of the room.

We've been able to get the kitten out of hiding a few times.  She likes the company of people, & loves to play with her toys.  But when she does run into our other girl, it's more hissing & growling.  She's not cornering the kitten or anything, but I think the noise she's making intimidates the little one.

All in all, I think the baby will be fine.  They all just need a few more days to get adjusted.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with your little furbaby!

  2. Aww...poor things! Try rubbing a towel all over each of them (one towel for each) and then rub the towel of the opposite cat on the other (if that makes sense)-try to put their smells on each other! I haven't tried this, but I have read that it can work. And if nothing else, you'll have a couple of staticy cats to stick balloons to ;)

  3. Thanks, Lisa! I've never heard of that. I'll have to give it a try. And besides, staticy cats aren't the worse thing...

  4. I had never heard of it either, but hey, if it works it will make living together easier. Glad you finally have your new addition to the family. What about the name? and picture?