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Friday, August 6, 2010

Let me paint a picture

Me, wrapped in a towel; with my hair in another.  I've got a bag of dog food in one hand, & a fly-swatter in another.  I am hunting a stink bug.

I couldn't go on like that forever, so I lost the dog food - & the towel I was wrapped in.

There I am, naked & bouncing around my kitchen all because of a stupid stink bug.

And you know what?  I smashed that bitch!

Now that I've given you the gift of crazy, will you please do me a favor?

My beautiful, smart, funny, kind, caring & wonderful cousin Jill made herself a blog.  I'm oh-so happy that she joined us!

Please visit her blog by clicking here & become a follower.  I know you'll love it!


  1. I almost flashed the mailman in an event that sounds very similar. I hit the deck before he caught a glimpse of this HOTTNESS :) bahahaha!

    heading over!

  2. i bet the menonites are going to send their little dogs over to your yard more often so they can "pretend" to get the dogs while they are really staring at your naked ass jumping around in your kitchen.