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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 10 - Simply delicioso

My favorite place to eat is a Mexican restaurant called Alebrije.  There are 3 of them in the area, but there's one in particular that I prefer.  Unfortunately, this is the best picture I could find.

I love Alebrije because the food is authentic.  We used to have a ChiChi's (yuck!), & a few years ago an On the Border (bleh!) opened - but Alebrije is by far the best.

They give you their freshly made chips & salsa to start, & we always add guacamole for good measure.  The menu has everything from quesadillas & burritos to "Mexican" hamburgers & taco salads.  Just about everything comes with their awesome rice & refried beans.  My personal favorite is their pollo ranchero, but I've never had something I didn't like there.

And of  course, no Mexican dinner would be complete without fried ice cream!  That is definitely a must.

Now I'm hungry.  Alebrije also does take out - so I think DJ & I have dinner plans.


  1. I love how much food you get at Mexican rest! Its rediculous! and I love lots of food! yummo! I want a chicken taco like NOW!

  2. I've never had fried ice cream, before... am I missing out on something?

    And I like to judge Mexican restaurants based on their chips and salsa (oh, and I heart guacamole, too!)

  3. You just made me very hungry! lol I love On the Border! But this place sound yum too! Fedex some por favor! =D