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Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 19 - Really? Another picture?

This is another "old" picture, but I like this one.  This is the MIL & I at the SIL's bridal shower last year.

Could you tell it was a Hawaiian theme?  What gave it away?

Anyway, I think I really like this picture because I'm really thankful for her.  DJ & I are in an unorthodox situation, & we all know how MIL's can be.  She's not that way. 

If he calls her to bitch about me, she usually takes my side (Don't you love it?).  She doesn't step on my toes when it comes to things in my own house, & she trusts me completely to take care of her one & only son.

I have an "interesting" relationship with my own mother, & at times it's not a good interesting.  But, MIL will  listen to me, even when she & I don't see eye to eye on things.  And whether it's what I want to hear or not, she gives her honest opinion when I ask for it.  Everyone needs someone like that.

And you know that the best part is?  I can always count on her to come get rid of the freakish monster spiders that invade our house.  I think that's a story for another day though...


  1. yay! I hope I have a mil thats just as great as yours!

  2. Mom is a pretty awesome, crazy lady! lol :) I do love this picture of you two.

  3. It's great when you get along with the in-laws! I'm thankful mine are the same way :)

  4. Yay! I love it when stereotypically tense relationships are actually quite wonderful. I get along fabulously with my MIL too,... I feel blessed ;)