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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 9 - Shop till you drop

The last item I purchased was this:

Our TV wasn't ancient, but it wasn't new either, & so it was on it's last leg.  It started to crackle when we turned it on & was really discolored until it warmed up.  Although it still did work, we decided to buy a new TV before it died completely.

I was so looking forward to Christening this TV over the weekend.  Unfortunately, new TV's very first football game was a Steelers loss.


Oh well, we've got the rest of the season!


  1. love it love it.
    thank you, the dress is from dots; only $18.
    i'm going to wear it on an interview, maybe that dress will help me seal the deal HA

  2. wanna buy me a tv? I need one soo bad!

  3. My TV is on its last legs too! But it is VERY ancient, I am talkin tv/vcr combo! The sound goes out and the picture is craptastic! It is very sentimental though and it kills me to get rid of it! The Bf can't wait! =(