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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 22 - Better late than never

You all thought I just skipped this post yesterday, but I really wrote it weeks ago! Here's the link, How 'bout them apples, y'all?

In all seriousness, yesterday did not go my way.  As you all know I work in a nursing home.  I started there in June.  My CNA training classes started in July & lasted until the end of August.  Since then, I've been waiting to be contacted to test for my official state certification.

A few weeks ago some of the ladies from my class started getting their letters, but mine didn't come.  No biggie, right?   Except the last day I can work as an NA without being certified is November 6th.  After that, I have to do other things aside from direct care until I take my test.

Although I really don't want to do that, the real problem is this:  a coworker & I are supposed to be switching weekends soon so that DJ & I can go away November 5th, 6th & 7th.  Because of all this nonsense, I'm not sure we can switch.  In a perfect world, we would both pass our test before the end of the month.  She passed yesterday!  While she was there, she found out that I was also supposed to be there...even though no one ever notified me.  I made some calls & found out the testing facility entered my address incorrectly into their system, so I never got the letter, nor was it returned to them.  FML.

So I was on the phone with the scheduler from work yesterday trying to explain that I have non-refundable tickets to a convention & hotel reservations for that weekend.  Her response was, "Mondays are busy, so I'll get back to you by tomorrow."  Well that sounds optimistic, doesn't it?

And now, the waiting game.  I feel like my employer is not going to help with out with this, even though it's not my fault.  But if they don't, I am so going to be a thorn in their side.  I plan to plant myself in the scheduling office until they decide to do something for me...or have me removed.

Wish me luck!


  1. WOW! Oh man...good luck Renee! I know that has got to be absolutely stressing you out!

  2. UGh what a craptastic situation! I hope it all works out! You need a vacation !

  3. :( I'm sorry-I hope they get everything worked out for you!!