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Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 12 - B.F.E.

I'm supposed to share pictures of the "town" I live in, but there's really not much to show.  The town part consists of one main road where there is a bank, a post office, a tiny movie theater, a pizza shop, a small grocery store, a bar & a country decor shop.  Everything is one one place, & it's nothing spectacular.

So, I'll share these pictures instead.

These pictures were taken from my deck.  The view is definitely a lot more interesting than the post office of bank.  Although I sometimes complain about living in BFE where everything is closed on Sunday, I have to confess that I enjoy it from this angle.


  1. I will honestly say this is NOT where I expected you to be living, Renee! You were such a city girl when we first met, now you're at home on practically-a-farm. Weird.

  2. Lovely view!! How are you? I've been absent a lot but you and South of Sheridan are always on my mind!

  3. and you have a protective watch dog to protect you from the crazy hillbillys!!!!!!

  4. It's so pretty! And I love that you use "BFE" too-my other personal favorite is "East Buddha" :)

  5. hahaha thank you. I googled my town and thats the only thing that came up.

    "stop digging in my grammy's yard fuckers!!!!!!"