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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 6 - You can't keep it in the house.

I was born & raised in the city, so it was a huge adjustment for me to move to the country when I moved in with DJ.  It's far too dark & quiet when I come home at 11:30 each night - which makes it impossible for me to see the crazy hillbillies that I know are stalking me from the cornfield.  But, I digress...

One thing I do love about living in this area is all the animals.  There are farms everywhere you look, & there are plenty of birds that you just wouldn't see in the city.  Since I moved here & started sizing up our big backyard, there is one pet I've told DJ I really, really wanted:  a goat.

I'm sure there's some kind of law that says I just can't have goat, but it drives him crazy so I continue to share my goaty plans with him. I tell him I'm going to keep it in the house because it gets cold at night.  I tell him I'm going to teach it to use a litter box & let it sleep in bed.  This does not make him happy.

There's a place near us called Green Dragon, which is like a flea market/farmer's market kind of place.  It's the place where everyone goes to buy their knock-off handbags & homemade Amish woopie pies.  If you've ever seen the movie Mall Rats, it's kind of like the "dirt mall" where they meet the fortune teller with three nipples (While I've never seen her at Green Dragon myself, it wouldn't surprise me to find her one day).

The reason I tell you about Green Dragon is that you can actually buy a goat there!  I think they're tiny goats, pygmy goats maybe?  DJ & I were there once with my friend Amanda & her husband Ross.  There we are, eating our deep-fried vegetables (that's right, I live in Pennsyl-tucky, & that's how we roll) when Ross shouts, "You know that you can buy a goat here, right?"

DJ's eyes turned a shade of red that I've never seen on a person before.  He wasn't mad at Ross for making the joke, he was mad at me because he knew he couldn't stop me if I really wanted a goat.  And he's right, he couldn't. 

But I wouldn't bring a goat home as a pet...would I?


  1. OMG!!! That goat is absolutely adorable! Animals are so funny! Having a goat you wouldn't have to ever cut your grass again! He would keep you well landscaped, albeit you also would not have any shrubs or flowers.

  2. hehe. I'm telling you - you get the goat, I'll get a sheep. We'll start a small farm between our two yards ;)

  3. I think goats are adorable-have you seen those fainting ones? Too cute! Their eyes freak my husband out though, so he doesn't like them quite as much as me.

    Also Mallrats=AWESOME

  4. A goat would come so in handy, no more cutting the grass!! (btw, I'm here by the way of Hey Barbie, hiya!)

  5. Haha! Great post! I thing you should totally do it. My husband threatens to get a goat or two every time he has to go out and mow the lawn :) I think they're totally cute!

  6. I was just thinking of the mini goats as I was reading this! I knew someone whose mother owned 2 of them and they stink and poop like nobody's business. And anything two feet tall and under will get gnawed on. But think how cute they would be!

    Really great to meet you through Heather's blog (oilfield wife). I'm also a city girl and I'm fascinated by country livin' as a result...though I doubt I could sustain it myself for long.