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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 7 - Goin' to the chapel

I'll admit it, I've been talking about my "dream wedding" for years.  The funny thing is, it's changed dramatically over time.  I never expected to be the girl who got engaged & didn't marry that naturally, that's exactly what happened to me.

Before I met DJ I was engaged.  Getting married was something that he & I had casually mentioned, but it wasn't something we seriously planned.  When he proposed, I was totally shocked.  Like most women, I wanted to start planning immediately, & that's when the trouble started.  Suddenly there were all these specific reasons why we couldn't get married for several years, & so he didn't think there was any point discussing it - ever.  And so, things slowly deteriorated until the eventual end.

It was around the same time that my plans for a big, fat, fancy wedding went out the window.

DJ & I have no plans to get married anytime soon.  There are financial factors, as well as emotional ones.  He was engaged before too, & I think we're both a little jaded about what happened before.  Plus for us, it's just a a piece of paper that doesn't change what we already have, so there's no real rush. 

When we do decide to get married, here's what I want:

  • We live at the base of the mountain, & there's a great view from our backyard, so we'll get married there.  It will be fall, when the leaves have already changed colors but before it gets too cold.
  • Because DJ & I have some alternative beliefs we'll have an alternative ceremony.  I'll leave it at that.
  • Afterwards we're going to party because, well, I like to drink.  I'm thinking picnic food, or maybe a pig roast.  We'll have music & a bonfire.  When it's over, everyone can find a spot on the furniture or floor to pass out.
All that will matter is that I'm surrounded by the people I love...& I'll be drunk.  Who's coming?


  1. She would be honored. As for me, I call dibs to sleep on your couch!

  2. I would also like a simple wedding. Let's call it a picnic.

  3. Sounds great. Do the wedding that you two want, when it works for you, not what other people want.

    We got married in May -- same sex wedding, different religions that we both pretty much dont follow. So a Sunday brunch, 40 people or so, lovely and informal. People who love us came and had a great time, the rest dont matter.

    It's not about the wedding, it's about the life together.

  4. :)

    you and I are like the same person! Our wedding dream sounds similar, and I was also engaged before! I think you have all these dreams as young girls, but then reality hits you, and you realize sometimes reality is just as good as your dreams.. just not as frilly!

  5. Sounds like you have your priorities straight and already a perfect family. (I noticed on the side you guys have pets) Good for you! I'm having a very small ceremony in Feb with just 45 people. It will be formal, but I'm not worried about flowers or colors. Just family, food, friends and wine!