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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 20 (On day 21) - Everyone is at church.

I did not blog yesterday.  Gasp!

My PopPop's birthday party was held at my house yesterday, & there was far too much going on.

Yesterday's Today's 1st prompt is the meaning of my blog title, Closed on Sunday.

Ever since I started working at age 16 I have hated working on Sundays.  I've always worked rotating Saturdays & several nights a week.  That has never been an issue for me.  But for some reason, Sundays just made me crazy.  I didn't have anything pressing to do, like go to church, I just simply felt that Sunday was a day to sit around & do nothing.

The second part of the story stems from me moving in with DJ.  I didn't grow up in some sprawling metropolis or anything, but it's a far cry from the rural area where we live now.  One thing that will always drive me crazy is that everything here is closed on Sundays.  We're talking restaurants, stores, etc.  Basically, any family owned business (and some not family owned too) are all closed on Sunday.  So on those days when I refuse to clean or do anything productive, there's nothing for me to do.

Ain't that a pisser?

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