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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 29 - We're in the home stretch!

The MEme is almost over!  This was fun, but I'll be glad to get back to spur of the moment blogging.

I'll be honest.  I had an idea for this post a few days ago, & then the last few days we're pretty terrible at work.  That's important to know because all that drama spilled over to home.  DJ & I had one of those those totally pointless fights.  You know, the ones that are so pointless that you take them totally seriously at the time because you're a crazy person?  No?  Well, maybe that's just me.  Anyway, in the aftermath I questioned for a minute whether it was appropriate to go ahead with my original plan.  I decided the stupid fight was just that:  stupid.  There's no reason to change the plan.

The prompt today is:  something you could never get sick of doing.

 The answer is simple.  I will never get sick of waking up next to this guy.

I picked this picture because it looks like he was probably yelling at me not to take his picture, which would probably be his same reaction to me writing this post.  Tee hee!

You should know that after our ridiculously stupid fight (which I'll freely admit, was my fault) I had to leave for work.  I got less than 5 minutes from home before I called to apologize. 

Our relationship isn't perfect, but I don't think anyone's is.  And even though we sometimes frequently have stupid fight, I never question for a second that this is the man I want to wake up next to in the morning...except for maybe when he hogs the bed.


  1. I tell Ben that when I hog the bed, he needs to just move me. Cause it's easier for him to move me than it is for me to do it myself lmao.

    *hugs* to you, my beautiful, wonderful, crazy-as-the-rest-of-us-bitches, sister. :)

  2. :)))

    Awww I love this! It really isn't about perfection its about forgiving and moving on. Loving and being loved :) Seems like that is what you have!


    Wanna talk about bed hogs? You should see my three year old! Yikes!

  3. Awww, so sweet! We have those stupid fights too, and I can never stay mad for more than 30 minutes :)

  4. SO sweet! The BF & I fight all the time lol Luckily we are both adorable and get over it fast =D